I’m Back!

So…as usual, I had all the grand plans for my blog. I was going to enter my projects, take better photos, and keep up with it all.

And then, life hit me.

I went back to work in the office, and things got kinda busy. I also got kinda lazy, because that’s me.

But now, I am back. I have a bit of a renewed commitment to tracking my projects and starting back up the podcast. I did try and record one a few weeks - make that months - ago, but I was even bored by my rambling, so I never even bothered to post it.

Now, I am working from home one day a week, and I am planning on using those days for a podcast once every other week, or maybe more often, and making them more vlog entries, because like I said, I even bore myself.

I have a few things in the works - I am participating in the Pigskin Party, and I am going to host a swap, so ideally those will keep me up on my blogging, blogging, and of course knitting.

So as they say…watch this space!