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Episode 23 - Finish It February to Make It March

I feel like I am knitting only in my head right now, I have so many things I want to make!

Off the Needles/Hook

  • Box Stitch Baby Blanket by Make & Do Crew. Crocheted in Lion Brand Ferris Wheel in Wild Violets and Lion Brand Feels Like Butta in Charcoal. I used a J hook.

  • Mini Me MKAL by Cozy Up Knits in 2022 Advent Colors from Always Be Kind Yarn. I added two sections to the end to highlight the pinks in my set, so it is super big. I was worried that it was going to look like my "hunting shawl," but once I got past the green, it mellowed out a little.

  • Turtle Dove sweater by Espace Tricot, knit in Knit Picks Wonderfluff in Atlantic Heather. I love the yarn, and I was working to gauge, but the sleeves are a bit tight. It is definitely a tailored fit!


  • Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart - Curious Handmade - using my December Swap from Jen Study

  • CU Buffs Socks in Steampunk by Artistic Yarn by Abi. I started these for the Pigskin Party, then my team was awful, and I did a lot of gift socks, so these have languished.

Up Next: Finish It February

I have a slew of WIPS sitting around, so I think it is time to work on them! I hope not to be too distracted in February so that I can move on to more garments for the rest of the year!

  • Sassy Spirit Wrap by Megan Williams in lovely yarn from The Sheepyshire

  • My own slipper sock pattern in Lion Brand Thick and Quick. I have one finished in the lovely Hudson Bay inspired color, but never got around to the second one. These take like 90 minutes to knit up at most, and I just put them aside.

  • Granny Go Round Jumper - I have no idea if I even want to finish this at this point. I am going to get into it a little more, see if it still looks like a clown sweater, and finish or frog it.

On My Mind: So Many Big Projects!

Over the last few months I have really gotten into garments - I want to knit all of the sweaters. I am not sure if that's because I lost so many to moths last year or just that there are so many great sweaters out there! I have some patterns that are somewhat stuck in my brain, and I wish I could knit more just to get them done! I can't because I do have a day job and my elbow doesn't really like that. These are just a FEW of the patterns that are stuck in my brain!

Knit the good stuff, be nice to one another, and hey - relax a bit. Very few things in life are really worth getting that upset about. I promise.

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