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Stash Busting C2C

Over the last…several years, I have collected a LOT of mini skeins from the Row One Yarns Carnival of Color. It’s a cool club where you get 10x10g mini skeins from a new dyer each month. I have been a member on and off for years, and have a giant collection of minis, that I do nothing with.

In 2020 I made a Habitation Throw with some of the minis, but since then, they have been stacking up, and I needed to do something. Thus, the C2C afghan.

I am a fan of Russian Joins on things like this - you don’t really notice the added thickness of the yarn, and then there are no ends to weave in. To make things simple, I went ahead and wound 39 of these bad boys into 3 magic cakes, so I really don’t have much to join along the way. It makes the project a little easier to work.

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