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Episode 16 - 5 Things I'm Dropping Cash on Right Now

Take my money, now!

Note: I'm trying to do shorter videos, because who has 50 minutes to listen to me? I don't want to listen to myself for that long, so I know you don't.

I don't have a lot of crafting wins right now, except for this great Crochet Rainbow Baby blanket. I whipped this out because my colleague is having her baby at least a week earlier than expected, and we had a long weekend! You can find all the details in this post.

Meanwhile, here are 5 things that are taking my money right now. Some are old faves, and others are new to me, but I'm sure some of you know about them. If I benefit from a link, it's noted, but if I win, you win, because they give discounts and stuff.

#1 - Ohora Semi-Cured Gel Nails

Like many other folks, I totally got into my nails during the pandemic. I tried all the different nail things - wraps like Color Street (I am not good at those), dip (too thick), and regular manis (I do way too much with my hands and wear off the polish super quickly), gel nails (probably the best because I can't sit still). None of them were great - I don't like to go to the salon because I either have to make small talk, or I feel like I am wasting my time, and I also end up picking things off if they chip at all.

Last week I tried Ohora (affiliate link). These are the pre-made gels that you stick on like Color Street, but they are thicker, you can move them without tearing them, and then you cure them for like a minute under an LED light (I did two minutes to make sure they worked). I am on day 6 with the first set, and I haven't even tried to pick them when I am in meetings or bored, or whatever. And they are CUTE! They have like a zillion designs, from classic to cute to opulent. They work on short nails and long, and they are easy to remove, with no soaking. But I haven't removed them yet - which is like a record for me. I made an entire baby blanket, mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, and no damage to them at all. Five stars. They are about $17 - 20 a set, and you can get a huge selections from their site (affiliate link), or even from Amazon if you need instant gratification (who, me? Never!)

#2 - Pair Eyewear

When I started my new job, I lost my husband's great vision insurance, which meant I couldn't get a free pair of expensive ($500) glasses at the end of the year. Disappointing, but the $500 a month pre-tax he was paying for me to be on this plan is worth it. I needed new glasses, though, and I am a sucker for an Instagram ad. I've seen the ads for Pair (Affiliate Link) and decided to try them.

I LOVE THEM - but I did make a mistake. I have a tiny head. Like I can pretty much wear kids' hats and stuff. My last pair of glasses were kid's Ray-Bans (and yes, they were $500!!!). I ordered the smallest pair of adult glasses, pretty sure the kid ones would be too small. And I made them progressives, which was more expensive (substantially). They are BIG on me. I know that's a LOOK, but I'm not sure it's the look I love. I should have gone with the single vision on the first pair to see how they fit.

The best part about Pair (affiliate link) is that you buy the base frames, and then you can buy tops to change the look of the glasses. I LOVE this. I ordered THREE tops with the big glasses (to be fair, I was using our FSA money, so it felt like it was free). They are cute, but again, they are big.

Once I got my additional FFSA through work, I ordered a pair of single vision glasses in a kid's size, with two tops. MUCH BETTER. I *may* have a pair of progressives in the same size being made as we speak. I still wear my big glasses all the time, but if I want to wear a hat, they literally get in the way.

Also, the affiliate link is a HUGE discount - $25 off $60 or more - that means your first pair for $35!

#3 - SMALL Handmade Project Bags

Sometimes I need a small bag for a sock project. I have a ton of project bags, but as of late, I have fallen in love with Japanese Knot Bags. I went searching on Etsy, and found this gorgeous bag from itjustisntsewstudio. I do wish she would have put a tag on the inside, so I can remember who made it when I am not at my computer!

I don't need more knitting bags, but this shop is really reasonably priced and has super cute stuff, so yo know I'll be back!

#4 - Not So Small Bag From Della Q

If you don't know me, I have a thing for handbags. I own far more than I could ever use, and now I work from home, so I don't even leave the house that often. I also LOVE a sale. So a few weeks ago when Jimmy Beans Wool announced they were discontinuing the Della Q Saddle Bag, and it was under $60, you know I HAD to have it. I debated on the color and settled with dark blue because it is the most practical. I loved the yellow, but already own a big yellow Dooney (it's SO pretty). This bag holds my iPad, a sock project, and the few items I need in my day - my wallet and stuff. As of this morning, there are a few left, and you can grab one here.

#5 - Notebooks - USE THEM!

Like a stash of yarn and handbags, I have a stash of notebooks. I love me a good notebook. One that can sit on the shelf behind me, and I never use it because I might "ruin" it. And like my yarn stash and the man's bourbon collection, I am trying to change my mindset about using things - that we purchase them for a reason, and it isn't like art. USE THE THING!

I have started using my sets of Erin Condren (Affiliate Link) notebooks. I don't need a planner so much, as I am not going anywhere for work, and my life isn't filled with too many meetings, but rather a ton of deadlines. But the notebooks use the same super thick paper and have interchangeable covers - because again, it has to be cute, right?

I have a notebook I use for the podcast (clearly, it's fairly empty), and then I use them for work - I don't care if my handwriting isn't pretty, or if I just put random stuff in there. I use them! Being a leftie, I love the Dot Grid ones, because I can turn them and use them vertically if need be. But again, if my writing is messy, who cares?

These are a splurge. I mean a legal pad from the box store works just as well, and sometimes, depending on what I'm writing, that's what I prefer. But honestly they make me happy, and they cost about the same as a pair of craft beers, which I never complain about paying for (probably because I make the man buy beers). ProTip: if they are on sale, buy them even if the cover isn't your favorite design. Once you own a cover or two, you can swap them out.

That's Where My Paycheck is Going THIS MONTH!

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