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Episode 18 - December 2022 Mini Swap!

Updated: Nov 30, 2022


It's a quick episode (and yet I still babbled), as I have been very monogamous in my knitting to get an incredible project off my needles, and have barely had time to start anything else!

Off the Needles

  • Kindness Wrap from Always Be Kind Yarn - not yet published. I made this using ALL of Laura's 2021 Advent kit - more than one full skein of her sock yarn (463 yards), and 12 minis. It was an addictive knit - to a fault. I ended up doing too much knitting at a time, and messed up my right arm - both golfers' and tennis elbow at once! The pattern will be released December 1 or perhaps earlier. Visit Always Be Kind's website for more details! She may have some Advent Kits still in her shop.


I do not have that many projects on the needles, because I only worked on the Kindness Wrap for 4 weeks. Non stop!

  • Ripple Camisole - by Jessie Mae Martinson. I am doing this in conjunction with the Colder Than A Witches KAL hosted by Karla at Relentless Knitting. I'm using a lovely skein of Simply Socks Yarn Company's Small Batch Sock, 80/20. It feels a lot softer than that, and hopefully will be soft on my skin that never sees the sun.

  • Yellowstone Socks - knitting this pair two-at-a-time toe-up on a 32" Karbonz needle. There are times I find this project super fiddly, and times I absolutely love it. The yarn is amazing which may have led to another acquisition from Must Stash Yarn. Oops.

  • Sassy Spirit Wrap - I still love this, but it just isn't moving as quickly as the last project in the series.

  • Traveling Sock - as you know, I love Always Be Kind Yarn, and I had to break in my new Della Q bag with a portable project. I brought this to a local production of Into The Woods, where I was surprisingly surrounded by other knitters (who tried to comprehend my left-handed knitting). Everything about this project is perfect! I plan to make 3 pairs of socks from this skein - one pair of full-length, one pair of short, and one pair of Turkish Bed Socks.


It's time for the December Countdown Mini Swap! All the details are here, but basically, you will sign up to swap 12 x 20g mini skeins or 24 x 10g. That's up to you! Add a few little winter treats in the package, and send it off to your partner to arrive by November 26. Sign-up is open until November 1, and matches will be sent by November 4.

All the details can be found on this post or sign-up directly here.

Knit the good stuff, be nice to one another, and hey - relax a bit. Very few things in life are really worth getting that upset about. I promise.

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