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Episode 15

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Don't ask me where episodes 13 and 14 went. I recorded them, but then life got in the way. Actually, I even recorded episode 15 a few weeks ago, but it was SO boring that I decided I'd try it again. I think that was like 6 weeks ago? But hey - I'm doing it now, right?

If you stumbled across this, you can find the vlog on YouTube.

Where to start? I am doing these notes before I record them, so they will undoubtedly be out of order. Also, I did make some project pages on the site, so details are there, but I am still using Ravelry because it forces me to put in certain things. I mean, the fields are not mandatory, but it prompts me to actually look at my yarn and the needles I am using.

And on that note - on to the knitting!

On The Needles

  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

  • Turkish Bed Socks with all the mods, including in the round, short rows, and no seaming. Using Knitterly Things Vesper Sock in Smarties from an SSYS Club years ago.

  • Fish Lips Kiss Heel Socks in Yellowstone from Must Stash Yarn. Doing these 2AAT, toe up, and LOVING using my Karbonz.

  • Sassy Spirit Wrap (still)

On The Hook

  • C2C Blanket (still - really no progress)

Off the Needles

Baker Street Socks

Stanley Cup Series Socks (5 PAIR) - Static Sock Yarn from Knit Picks

Red Rock Shorties - Felici Sock Yarn from Knit Picks

Next Up

Crochet Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket for a coworker in Caron Simply Soft and Caron Little Crafties

The brightest Cozy Classic Raglan ever

Click...Pay For That

That whole more out-than-in thing is long gone. I didn't participate in Stash Dash, either. But I definitely added to my stash. First of all, I WON - as in I did not have to pay for it - a five-skein Pride set from Get Knit Faced In Co. FULL 100g Skeins. They are lovely. On the subject of lovely, I also had Michelle dye me up a custom color of DK yarn for a Ranunculus(RAV LINK)from Knit Cafe Midori. Oh, and then I saw Michelle at the Yarn Along the Rockies crawl, at the one shop I stopped at, and I grabbed two skeins of her fingering yarn in Agnostic and Love Is In The Air for her Tahoe Shawl, that I had seen her designing at ZK. Yes, it is the exact yarn she knit it in because it's LOVELY.

But wait, it hardly ends there. There was the gorgeous rainbow fade, Hello Sunshine, from Northwoods Fibers that I saw on IG one morning and HAD to own. Now I own it, and we'll see - I am thinking of making a Radvent Cardi by Ambah O'Brien.

Then there are the yarn clubs. I didn't renew my Apple Yarn Studios sock club because I have so much yarn, but I did jump into a three-month club from Simply Sock Yarn Shop, and I did pick up a mystery box from Apple Yarns, which had a lovely skein of self-striping sock yarn AND a bag of caramel corn. I also renewed my Artistic Yarn By Abi self-striping yarn club, and I am so glad I did because the Strawberry Shortcake color this month is a chef's kiss!

There's also an order of acrylic from Yarnspirations on the way for a baby blanket I have to get on and off my hook in a matter of weeks, but that at least does have a specific purpose!

Life Updates

It's been a crazy few months. I probably mentioned this in my last vlog, but I started a new job at the end of June. I get to work from home full time, and I literally write for a living. I mean, I write grants, so I do a lot of research, editing, Salesforce stuff, and writing. It's a bit weird not having a single colleague in my city - we have a campus here, but it is sort of a "franchise," so weirdly I don't fundraise for them - but I have a great team, and the fact that I can cover Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, and LA from my alcove office outside of Denver is pretty fantastic. I am still doing some contracting for my old org, so that money may go to purchase a circular sock machine!

The man has had some MORE orthopedic issues. He had two discs in his neck replaced a few years ago, and they are structurally very sound, but as with all disc replacements, the ones above and below tend to deteriorate. He was miserable for several weeks, and thankfully he was able to get some steroid injections, so he is in a much better place. It made for a pretty crappy summer. He wasn't able to sleep for weeks, and when he can't sleep, I don't sleep. On a positive note, I was certain our memory foam mattress didn't help his neck, so we got a new mattress a few weeks ago, and I am super happy. It is SO much cooler and I actually sleep. It may be a bit too firm for me, but better that than too soft, in my book.

I think that's it from here! Thanks for stopping by, and remember, KNIT THE YARN!

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