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Episode 12

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Another podcast in another town

If you stumbled across this, you can find the vlog on YouTube.

Back in March, I was sitting in my big comfy chair, doing some work, waiting for episode 11 to upload to YouTube, when I got an email I did NOT like. Our landlord was going to sell our house, and we needed to find a new place to live in 45 days. Ugh. Real estate is crazy everywhere right now, but especially in the Denver metro area. We were not excited by this prospect.

We had planned to buy the home we were renting, but let’s be honest - it isn’t worth more than $600K. Nope, nope, nope. This market is obscene. So we continue to rent, which to be honest, I don’t mind, but the man HATES. I love that I don’t have to fix ANYTHING. He hates giving anyone money. Oh well.

We spent the next three weeks on a crazy hunt for a dog-friendly property that was not disgusting, and not outrageously overpriced. We felt rushed in the process, for certain, though we technically had plenty of time. I don’t know how folks wait until two weeks before their lease is up to rent a new place, but that seemed to be the norm. Yuck.

We finally settled on a place, about 7 miles north of where we were at. It’s lovely, about a year old, and has a fantastic yard. Yay. It is also THREE stories. Not like, oh, there’s a walk-out basement you never use three stories, but as in the main level is up 14 stairs, and the bedrooms are 14 more stairs. The man has a spine and hip problem, which means I did ALL the moving. Yes, I hired movers for the big stuff, but it was still a LOT of work!

It’s been nearly a month since we took possession, and the dogs are starting to get settled. I have a lot of STUFF I need to go through in our garage - do I really need work stuff from 2005? I don’t think so, but I have to cut some emotional ties to get rid of it all. I love the neighborhood - the homes are clustered together, and we are lucky to be with only one other neighbor - they are super nice, and we both have big back yards.

My knitting room and office are just starting to take shape. I am podcasting from the office today, as it is simpler. The audio is awful, and I’m looking forward to moving production to the extra bedroom once I feel more settled as a whole. This is the first work from home day I haven’t had to run to the old house to clean or anything, and I am actually working at my desk. The dogs are barking up a storm, so perhaps I am glad I am doing show notes BEFORE I actually record.

And on that note - on to the knitting!

On The Needles

Baker Street Socks

Lightweight Cape Code Sweater

Sassy Spirit Wrap

Off the Needles

Base Jump Shorties

Summer Night Shorties

Next Up

The brightest Cozy Classic Raglan ever

More Out Than In

Well, it’s a lost cause at this point. I have been binge buying yarn as of late. Call it moving stress! Perhaps I’ll recalculate for Stash Dash at the end of the month

All the Critters

When it came time to move, we took some drastic action about the moths. I actually purchased mothballs. They are SO disgusting. Please don’t get on me about how horrible they are. I am well aware. But I also don’t want to lose ALL of my yarn to these beasts, so I made some tough choices. My yarn is now in two large Rubbermaid bins with encapsulated moth balls in our garage. Any new yarn is being vacuumed sealed and frozen to make sure there are absolutely no critters in this new place. I even bought parasitic wasps to attack the larvae in a rug we have. Sadly, the wasps didn’t hatch, so again, I may have to take a drastic measure to save that rug. Not seeing my yarn may be the reason I keep buying more, honestly. I don’t want to open the gross bins!

I ended up tossing about 75% of my handknits in the move, as we found more and more moths. It was just the right thing to do. And here’s the thing - I am a process knitter, so it wasn’t that sad. I enjoy knitting, but my style has changed a LOT since I started knitting, and so I never wore a lot of those pieces anyway. Was I sad to lose some sweaters? Absolutely. But I can knit them again if I want, and I will definitely be a better knitter than I was when I first made them, anyway.

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